Equipment & Capacity

We can produce test batches at 5Kg and full scale batches at any volume up to 2000Kg, which allows to produce a run of any volume to meet your market needs. Our kettles are all equipped for ease of scaling batches up or down, allowing you to manage your inventory and keep it fresh. We use state-of-the-art compounding equipment, which includes computerized, jacketed, vacuum kettles with counter-rotating mixing paddles that can be fitted with various homogenizers.

Accurate Scalability

We provide maximum batch size flexibility with compounding equipment that comes from a single manufacturer and each kettle equipped with the same function. This flexibility allows us 
to accurately calculate compounding parameters to scale up or down, mitigating risks.

Consistency & Expertise

Our proprietary ERP system provides real-time inventory control of raw materials, including connected weight scales, individual container barcodes, and expiry tracking. Our systems and methodology, in conjunction with a seasoned compounding staff, ensures that we manufacture each product with efficiency and consistency.
Type IV mixing vessels made with pharmaceutical grade 316L stainless steel run under a computer-controlled tank farm environment.
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