Beyond the Ordinary

Our team of highly trained and gifted scientists around the globe share a mindset of innovation and a mission to go beyond the ordinary to be extraordinary.

We are committed to leading the skin care industry in innovation, utilizing every resource and contact to build on our strong OTC portfolio of sunscreens, acne and scar treatments, as well as our cosmetic collection with shaded, rejuvenating products, masks, and exciting new textures in other state-of-the-art skin care.
The Blue Sky Innovation Team is a hub within our R&D department that works closely with a group of advisors who collectively has a century’s worth of experience creating breakthrough products.
Englewood LAB Korea Innovation Center is strategically located in the heart of Korea’s metro area, where we put a large emphasis on innovation and artistry in cosmetics.
We're aligned with academic institutions, research hospitals and technology incubators, both domestic and abroad, to gain access to efficacious ingredients used in other industries and countries.

Beyond the Science

We innovate the formulation process with our world-class R&D team as we seek to identify new raw ingredients, molecules, patented technologies, new textures and delivery systems.

With simple modifications of existing formulas, we create new formulations using the latest ingredient advances and discoveries. While our R&D teams excel at new technology, they can also bring value by optimizing your existing product line at any scale.

Formula Development
Turn the product you envision into full procedural formulations ready for production, based on your requirements of key ingredients, texture, packaging claims and price.
Reverse Engineering
Closely match an existing product you produce using an ingredient list and prototype, which can be retested and scaled-up to be produced at our facilities.
Formula Modification
Troubleshoot your existing formulations and deliver a cost effective solution to modify it, starting from a library of existing bases and new ingredients to create a unique new product.

Beyond the Shelf

For every innovation, there are several applications. We want to show our clients what the latest in scientific breakthrough and creative inspiration will mean for their product lines.

  • Foaming Cleanser

  • Moisture Magnet Cream

  • Mermaid Spray

  • Oil Entrapment

Our testing services leave no room for failure.
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