Beyond the Ordinary

Company Profile

Creative Thinking. Innovative Technology.
Quality You Can Trust.
Englewood Lab.

We earned our place as a world leader
in the cosmetics R&D
and manufacturing industry
by living out our values of innovation, quality, and trust.
Using advanced technology and exceptional quality control,
we provide a wide variety of excellent services for our clients around the globe.
And we never stop striving for a better way.
We love a challenge. Our excellent R&D capabilities and dedication to
highquality service make us a company that will grow with our clients,
accepting challenges no one has ever faced and turning them
into opportunities for innovation and growth.
By maximizing customer satisfaction through innovative R&D and
high-quality manufacturing, Englewood Lab will continue to be a leader
in cosmetics development around the world.
Every business decision we make and
implement is based on our core values:

These values are poured into every safe, stable,
and effective product we manufacture.
To cultivate trust in every relationship, we stand by our customers, partnering with
them in every product we create. Thus, we hold our customers’ reputations for
innovation, consumer safety, and product integrity as highly as we hold our own.
We find it incredibly rewarding when we see your ideas come to life. While our manufacturing expertise is second to none, our greatest strength is in research and development. Our team of gifted scientists and artists bring their extensive experience of new methods, raw materials, and fashion trends to each stage of product development. Large enough to introduce hundreds of new ideas each year, we are small enough to make your ideas our priority. Our team loves a challenge, and we love to dream big with you. With our talent, experience, and vision, we can walk with you to bring dreams to development – and from development to market.
Beauty is more than skin deep, and we believe there is beauty in robust research methods and consistent manufacturing processes. Beautiful work is work done well. We know attention to detail at every step is critical to producing safe products and to producing them consistently and efficiently. Our rigorous testing and quality assurance practices ensure that our products are completely identical at any scale or batch size. Full regulatory compliance around the world is proof that we take protecting our customers’ reputations – and the consumer’s safety – very seriously.
We cultivate trust in every relationship we have and every product we create. Your idea does not become our product; our company becomes your partner in bringing your ideas to life. We seek to become an extension of our customers, standing with you in every aspect of product development, manufacturing, and handling. We forge strong relationships through transparency and effective communication; when issues arise, we give immediate, informed feedback, even as we work on solutions. Our precise project planning and careful execution is our way of looking out for our customers’ best interests.
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