Beyond the Ordinary

Company Profile

We strive for greatness through creative
thinking and innovative technology.
Englewood Lab is a cosmetics
R&D/Manufacturing company that is leading
the future of sustainable development
the industry by prioritizing the values
of innovation, quality, and trust. With
advanced technology and exceptional

quality management, we provide the best
services for clients around the globe.
We always pursue change and diversity.
We seek technological innovation, quality
innovation, and service innovation by
facing the kinds of challenges
that no one has ever faced.
Englewood Lab
will continue to grow
with our clients through
our excellent R&D capabilities and quality competitiveness.
Our mission is to maximize the satisfaction
of our customers through unmatched
R&D/manufacturing competitiveness,
and to lead the future development
of the global cosmetics industry.
Every business decision we make and
implement is based on our core values:

We will always do our best to deliver
these core values to our customers through safe, stable, and effective products.
To cultivate trust in every relationship,
we share every product we create.
We hold our customers’ reputations, consumer safety, and product integrity
in high esteem.
We find it incredibly rewarding when we see our ideas come to life. While we offer the best in manufacturing, our most remarkable contribution is in the research and discovery
of new scientific methods, understanding of raw materials, and artistic achievement in product development.
A team of highly trained and gifted scientists and creatives from around the globe share a mindset of innovation
and a mission to create something extraordinary. Our team is constantly challenged to dream big and to bring
the newest and most exciting ideas to market for our customers, and we offer the ability of introducing hundreds of new ideas each year.
Beauty is more than skin deep, and we believe there is beauty in our scientific methods and manufacturing processes. This challenges us to create the highest quality products. Our attention to detail at everystep ensures that everything we produce is done safely, consistently, and efficiently. Our rigorous testing and quality assurance ensures that our results are completely identical at any scale or batch size. With full regulatory compliance around the world, we hold our customers’ reputations, consumer safety, and product integrity in high esteem.
We cultivate trust in every relationship we have and every product we create. In building and maintaining viable partnerships, we encourage our customers to be involved with every aspect of their product development, manufacturing, and handling. Essentially, we become an extension of our customers through R&D and manufacturing. so transparency and effective communication are critical to enjoying long-term relationships. Knowledgeable feedback pertaining to quality or regulatory issues is always provided to customers in a timely manner. Our precise project planning and careful execution is our way of looking out for our customers’ best interests.
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