We create the future of cosmetics

Filling & Packaging
We can create and fill just about any packaging option in the industry.
Our versatile equipment, supported by our talented team of industrial machine mechanics,
gives us the flexibility to bring the finishing touches to your product,
making it ready for market - and any consumer's shelf.

Filling & Packaging

We know packaging does more than hold a product; it tells a story - a story about you, about your customer, about beauty and possibility.
Packaging is a work of art. In an industry where imagination and safety are equally important,
our attention to detail, dedication to quality, and pursuit of innovation permeate every facet of the process
- all the way to how your product is presented to your customer.
  • Safe packing techique

    Our dedication to quality and innovation
    at every stage means you can trust that
    your product will not only be safe and effective,
    but it will also be presented in packaging that
    inspires the consumer and enhances their experience.

  • Versatility

    Our filling and packaging operation is highly
    versatile to accommodate a full spectrum
    of run sizes and many packaging options,
    such as jars, pens, bottles, tubes, and airless

  • Scalability

    Whether you need only a minimum trial or
    are ready to produce a run of millions,
    our highly automated filling system is set up
    for efficient changeover and can handle
    hundreds of different kinds of containers
    for your entire product line.

  • Flexibility

    We nimbly shift from one job to the next by
    using portable filling, capping, and printing equipment
    that we can move to any of several filling lines,
    thus accommodating a wide range of primary package profiles.

  • Efficiency

    By using our in-house development, manufacturing,
    and filling teams, we create efficiencies with
    which decentralized operations cannot compete,
    lowering risk and overhead costs
    - and bringing your product to market that much faster.

Filling & Packaging

With a wide range of packaging equipment, we can fill bottles, tubes, pumps, boxes, gift packages,
and more. We also provide hot-pour products such as hair products and sample products.
  • Axomatic hot air tube filler
  • Woojin hot air tube pillars in
    various tube types
  • Computerized tabletop filler
  • Acutek 4-head piston filler
    with automatic capper line
  • Videojet batchcoders
  • Protopak double-head filler
  • Image filler and piston filler
  • Labeling
  • Shrinkage tunnel
  • Induction sealer
  • Conduction sealer
  • A desk label
  • Carton cello - packaging