We create the future of cosmetics

Companies seek out our expertise because we consistently meet our primary objective:
to lead the way in innovation, keeping our customers one step
ahead of the competition.

Beyond the ordinary

Our team is made up of highly trained scientists and gifted artists from around the globe who share one mindset: innovation.
Building on our strong OTC portfolio of sunscreens, acne medicine, and scar treatments,
as well as our cosmetics collection of shading & contour palettes, rejuvenating products, masks,
and exciting new textures in state-of-the-art skincare,
Englewood Lab is committed to utilizing every available resource
to take our customers beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Beyond the science

Our R&D team’s innovation mindset drives us to create world-class products as we seek to
identify new raw ingredients, new textures, new molecules, new technologies, and new delivery systems.
By applying these new advances, we can create new formulations of existing products;
we can also bring value by optimizing your existing product line at any scale.
  • Formula
    Turn the product you envision into
    full procedural formulations ready
    for production, based on your
    requirements of key ingredients,
    texture, packaging claims and price.
  • Reverse
    Closely match an existing product
    using an ingredient list and prototype,
    which can be retested
    and scaled-up for production
    at our facilities.
  • Formula
    Starting from a library of
    existing bases and new ingredients,
    troubleshoot your existing formulations
    and deliver a cost effective solution to
    modify it, creating a unique new product.

Our testing services leave
no room for failure

  • Testing Services
  • Stability Testing
  • Package Compatibility
  • Preservative efficacy test
  • RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test)
  • Comedogenicity Test (Pore Clogging)
  • Ocular Safety Test (Eye Safety)
  • Moisturizing Claim Substantiation
  • In-Vitro/In-Vivo Clinical Evaluation
  • Consumer In Use test
  • Toxicological Review Certification
  • OTC Requirements